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My wishes/suggestions:

  • C01R should be back. I love it so much that I have stopped using it because if it breaks I couldn’t replace it.
  • HS05 is a great addition, but it needs sub-lumen modes. It could also be a little shorter, like Manker E03Hv2.
  • It would be great to have a 4xAA modern replacement to SF11.
  • Forget about cold white, low CRI or high-low interfaces. Give us what we want Cash
  • Keep adding USB-C charging. For me it is a must for any torch with lithium batteries.
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i would like anduril with AA size battery

or AAA

also cheap anduril anything


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All my lights to date have worked well; thanks for the holiday GAW!
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Bought quite a few of your lights this year :
SP40 (multiple ones), LT1, HS05 : all are very cool
SP40 is a very cool platform for modding as a 18350 light, and I am eagerly waiting for the HS40

still in transit : HS10, HS40 and LT1S

only things I’d like to change :
- updating the Anduril scheme on the LT1 Aliexpress page : it is outdated
- selling directly spare parts for your flashlights (LEDs and MCPCB, lens, o-rings etc) : it is cool that you send them with custom orders, but that would be easier to order them directly for modding Smile

For HS40 i’d like a way to limit charging current to 1A when used with a 18350 tube (maybe a kind of jumper on the PCB to do it?)

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Mine is in my go bag.
I would trust it to work in an emergency.
Light tan with a dark green clip would be nice.
Do away with the writing.

!sofirn sofirnbag!

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This year I buy only Hs20, good idea and materials. But light is awful, and can’t be easy moded. Be careful with choose of LEDs and optics. If you not sure feel free to ask.

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Need more hi cri and warmer tint option (2000-2700k) and more sbt90.2 lights !! Thumbs Up

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Hello Sofirn!

I am a loyal fan and customer, and am particularly fond of your smaller lights. I use the sp31’s with 18350 tube, the SP10v3 and the SC21 as hat lights every day. I have several of your larger lights as well.

I am happy to see the use of 660 nm red in the new D25lR! I would love to see more lights optioned with red and green emitters, such as in the IF22A

Keep up the good work!

Seth Laughlin

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I like how good value all the lights are. Workhorse!

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Hi. Thanks for doing this.

1- What do you think about Sofirn this year? What progress and changes have you noticed that we’ve made in the past year, and what needs to be improved?

In my opinion, Sofirn now has entered the selected club of high quality and high performance flashlights…. Only a few manufacturers are in that club, and there is no need to write the names, because every flashlight guy like US (BLF community) already know the names… now Sofirn is one of that names.

Improve? I think the best Sofirn can do is to avoid doing like other manufacturers that have increased the price due to now they are considered top notch…

2- What do you think is best thing that we’ve done this year? What new expectations for Sofirn do you have for the new year?

The best thing I have done is being as I always have been. Good person and dont disturb other people while triyng to help everyone.

Thanks for the chance.

Good luck everyone!

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What do you think is best thing that we’ve done this year? What new expectations for Sofirn do you have for the new year?

There was a lot of good stuff. New models, sure. But most important the contact with the community. Thank you very much!

What do you think about Sofirn this year? What progress and changes have you noticed that we’ve made in the past year, and what needs to be improved?

Of course there is room for improvements. I’d like to see more switching (buck/boost) drivers, more high CRI, low quiescent current and – if Anduril will be used – flashing pads for firmware update.
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All in all, Sofirn is a solid choice for affordable and quality products, but moving forward I expect them to focus more on driver efficiency and sustained brightness.

Cheers Beer

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What do you think about Sofirn this year?
Sofirn has done a good job balancing what the enthusiasts community (i.e. BLF) wants with what your business can practically support. Thank you for listening and delivering descent performing affordable products.

What progress and changes have you noticed that we’ve made in the past year, and what needs to be improved?
Continue to look for ways to improve your product quality and performance and resist the temptation to lower quality for profits. Once you lose your reputation it’s hard to get back.

What do you think is best thing that we’ve done this year?
Continuing to support the BLF community, so that the community can and is willing to support you.

What new expectations for Sofirn do you have for the new year?
Finish the SP10Pro, with suggested tweaks over the SP10V3 please.

On the light side.

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I appreciate the fact that Sofirn is responsive to customer issues and stands behind their products when there are issues & problems.

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Price wise could be lower, and lights operating duration could be better, such as better batteries or drivers.

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I love sofirn and the way you keep coming up with new exciting product designs, like the if22, or how you listen to what the community has to say, like using andruil and utilizing high cri emitters.
I’d love to see a dual purpose handheld edc that has flood and throw and only uses one battery, thank you for everything and count me in

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I appreciate Sofirns willingness to work with us to improve flashlights and make new ones. They say your critics are your best evaluators, so keep your ears open. There’s been so many good lights out in 2021, I don’t know how it can get any better. The fact you can make a 21700 light with a buck driver for under $40 is amazing, so I’d like to see an 18650 light with one. Also, give us a high output multi TIR like the Fireflies E07x, now that it’s unavailable, perfect opportunity to capture that market! Also, do away with your current ATR algorithm and increase the thermal limiter to 50 C. How about make a battery charger? Like one to compete with Vapcell S4+? You guys are awesome. Keep it up.

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I own a few Sofirn lights now – all purchased since September. Every single one has arrived in one piece and well presented. Thank-you. I really appreciate that you sell sets that include batteries (along with USB-C charging.) I have my own batteries and chargers, but it is very handy to have the option to “charge in the field” every now and then.

Two changes to consider:

1. Take your existing and future lights and include Anduril on as many as you can – it is a versatile torch OS and I wouldn’t be without it now, although only a few of my Sofirns currently have it.
2. Add flash pads to the visible side of the driver and sell us the flashing pins/cable too! (good for those who wish to change things, perfect for keeping your torches relevant long after they are purchased.)

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My current favorite EDC lights are the IF25A (for real) and the IF22A (for silliness). The beam, tint, and CRI of the IF25A is so aesthetically pleasing to me, I just love that light. The IF22A is just for showing off, but it’s impressive.

They’re both solid, lights at a great price.

Most of my favorite Sofirns (IF25A, SP36, C01) are high CRI with warm temp. Keep making lights that I don’t have to mod to get a high quality beam, and, well, I’ll probably keep buying them.

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I’m pretty new to this game overall but I’m not new to the concept of great light. Just not portable. I’m still pretty much testing the water and seeing all that’s possible. That is to say that the first thing I’ve done the day my new LT1 arrived is- ordering a second one. It was such an overwhelming sense of awe. And that stems from what Sofirn apparently does right- that is listening to a dedicated user base. Not just influencer unboxers/ reviewers that will drool over paper specs and thinness of the product, but a community of people who strive for excellence in a specific type of product. We unfortunately live in a world where the supply largely dictates the demand, where a customer/ user is viewed as a consumer, an entity that consumes yet it turns out that listening to what they have to say might actually (surprise surprise) be the way to actually progress and improve.

I’m not big on brands, let alone the concept of brand loyalty, but I can appreciate a thing that’s done right by a company. To me this is exactly that. Thanks.

edited to add:
A fresh minor critique. The o-ring groove for the external orange bumper ring on the LT1 is way too shallow, the ring comes off easily, in wintery weather outside use I’ve even had it roll off on its own from fully seated position without any twist in the material. This is the case for both of my lanterns so this might be batch related but it’s not a fluke, the two have been ordered a week apart.

So there’s that. A little engineering improvement.

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Never owned a Sofirn so can’t comment other than from the others peoples comments it seems I’m missing out!

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Sp10 Anduril 2! Flash kit for BLF LT1!

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2021 Feedback: I think Sofirn did pretty well this year. Rather than focusing purely on numbers (like max lumens) you’ve worked to deliver products with features that your customers are looking for. The IF22A is a great example of you guys reading the market correctly.


  • It would be great if you would list the step-down times for the turbo modes on your lights as measured in a standardized testing environment. It would be nice to know how long I can expect to see max output on turbo, and how bright it will be after stepping down. I know this isn’t required by ANSI standards but it is very helpful when shopping for lights. Thrunite does this already for some lights.
  • Please continue to offer Neutral White emitter options on as many lights as possible. I love the SF47 I picked up this year but I would love it more if the SST40s were 5000k instead of 6500k.


My Collection


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Unfortunately, I don’t currently own any Sofirn lights. But I’ve been hoping to add the sc31 or sp40 to my collection (need a good headlamp anyway Silly ) c01s looks like the type I usually carry, so I plan to try one of those for sure.

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My current favorite Sofirn is SP31 Pro with 18350 tube.
And, I am looking forward to Andúril 2 lights.

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Woohoo, my lt1 could use a friend.

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Keep the lights coming. Love my if25 and the headlamps. Keep up the excellent communication. We really appreciate it.

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I have your less expensive flashlight. It works very nicely. I cannot speak to any critique, it was such good value that it’s hard to complain about any quirks.
This was great to read some of the comments and see how more knowledgeable members feel about your products! I have now some new ideas for things to look in my flashlights.
Thanks for your offerings and coupons. I always find it nice that there is options to find a good price all year around.

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Affordable flashlights and always open to suggestions from the flashlight community.

I hope someday your shop will be equipped to handle copper and titanium machining.

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D25LR is a great addition. Would like to see a tail e-switch only Anduril 18650 tube light (an alternative to the FW1A).