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I have been EDCing my SC21 mini since I got it, and it has been great aside from some accidental button activations. I’m not sure how to design the ideal side button but I think it should be less protruding with a small “guard” around it, it could be larger so it would still be as easy to find without looking.

16340 and 14500 releases are the most exiting for me, as I think 18650 is too bulky for EDC.
I’m eagerly waiting for the SP10 pro, buck drivers running Anduril is really a big step forward.

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Sofirn is a high quality budget light . Customer service is first rate .

Update the UI .

MERRY Christmas !

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Hi there,
I am very interested in Sofirn flashlights. I have the BLF Q8 and the C8F.
With the Q8 I particularly like the user interface with 7 brightness levels, with the C8F also the user interface with a lot of possibilities including ramping I find very good. The Q8 is a bit heavy for me for regular use, so the C8F is more practical and I also find the 21700 battery very good in terms of shape, length and capacity. I would particularly like a lamp in which I can change the light color, i.e. LT1 or IF25 2700K-6500K. I wish everyone a lot of fun with Sofirn flashlights and a nice Advent season. Thank you so much for reading my comment.

Sidney Stratton
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The following is biased; 22 of my 45 lights are of their design. And my intent is recognition of Sofirn’s efforts.

I’ve seen Sofirn evolve from the Thorefire partnership; their successes as the Q8 and its newer derivatives, their innovations and better iterations (the IF22, the SP10v3, and many new models). I can’t voice my singular requests, and neither can they cater to every whim. Asking a bastion of enthusiasts their opinions and input on any design is, in my humble view, an invitation to chaos. Too many cooks and not enough structure make for a discord of requests. Many would have not catered to such, but their patience and wisdom make for the novelty and quality that sets Sofirn as a better manufacturer.

Diverse form factors, optional tints, colourful anodization, better-regulated drivers, compensating thermal management, incorporating complex software and then creating their simplified version; and not to forget the hurdles of the manufacturing and integration of supply. Sofirn has matured and continues to be consumer-friendly with no-frills design and modest cost.

Looking forward to a continued partnership with BLF.

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I have only three Sofirn lights, all of which I use every day. Those are the only Sofirn lights I bought until now, but I really like them. All the others I’ve sold or given away to friends, because they were simply inferior in comparison.

My wish is to get better CRI, close to 100, as better CRI renders the scene much better with lesser lumens and lesser eye strain.

An other wish is for a sharper light, maybe with stacked optics, so called “projector” light, which renders sharp shadows and a super clear scene. I can help with this.

This is the only drawback of the existing lights, the shadows in the hotspot are unsharp due to the constructions of the reflectors with crossing rays, wich obfuscates small structures of the scene a bit. The SC31pro, for example, renders sharp shadows in the spill, while rendering unsharp shadows in the hotspot, which is sometimes confusing to the eyes.

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Replace the cool white bank of emitters on the LT1 with red for camping use. Rework the firmware to switch between the two.

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High CRI options from launch! I think this will only increase sales as you cater to more people, those who buy based on lumen numbers and those who only buy high CRI.

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RobertB wrote:
Replace the cool white bank of emitters on the LT1 with red for camping use. Rework the firmware to switch between the two.

Like this?


Just went out of stock unfortunately at AE and not even listed on Sofirnlight anymore, no pics or anything.

I have one ordered, happy to share my thoughts when it arrives.

South Saxon

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Can’t comment on your lights as I do not own any. Winning one would be a great way to get introduced.

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I’ve liked Sofirn customer service, I recently had my IF25A crap out on me over a driver issue and ended up getting another one sent to me free of charge.
I look forward to the possibility of Sofirn offering a flood/throw dual channel IF25A option to match up with the latest stuff from emisar.

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My family loves the LT1, and friends are always impressed with the massive quality of this legendary light. Please keep it in production for a long time to come and keep the quality at the best possible level.

Important, even essential for me is also the dedication to Anduril. Indeed, these days I even won’t consider non-Anduril lights for purchase any more.

Also important for me in Sofirn lights:

- ultra low moon mode
- very warm emitter options

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Love my Sofirn lights. SP70, BLF SP36, 2x LT1’s. Great quality, great cost, ease of purchase, all wins. While my wife thinks I have too many lights (she’s wrong…lol), I must say, even she uses and appreciates the LT1’s! Thumbs Up

Keep up the great work Sofirn, and thank you kindly for the give-away!

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I like my IF22A and testing out my SP40A – Thanks for the customer service quick response.

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I discovered your brand this year and bought first sofirn flashlight.
Personaly for me powerbank ability is gerat step for edc flashlight.
If22a is best. If22a with warm led and tail magnet.

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I love your flashlight. Most of my flashlight is Sofirn brand. I have 12 sofirn flashlight + 5 sofirn headlamp.

I love that sofirn listen to the customer by giving choice in high CRI LED and features.

But the thing that Sofirn should put more importance is by making a better ATR. Sofirn also need to make more flashlight choice with regulated driver like the SP35, SP32AV2.0, old SP33V2.0, old SD05, old C8G and others. Sometime a better regulation is much better than just simple short term burst of power.

Also it would be very nice if sofirn makes a more compact AA/14500 light.
Sofirn also should consider more color for flashlight for more of the flashlight models.
The sofirn orange is great, maybe color like purple and other color. Striking or classy should be good. Even silver is more unique than all black flashlight by most manufacturer.

Looking for more great flashlight from sofirn!

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Like many others have said, we need more High CRI options! I believe most Sofirn customers are flashaholics. It’s a niche market! And as always keep up the good work. Very well made lights at a fair price! This is what makes Sofirn, Sofirn! Happy holidays everybody!

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First time sofirn buyer in 2021:
Pros: price, quality, responsiveness, sales/coupons are fun for retail therapy addicts like those on BLF
Cons: discontinued the c01R, I’m a bit more of a Wurkkos fan, for the reasons above, but designs are more outside the box.

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I love the collaboration with the community. It makes for better flashlights and the fact that you listen to feedback and improve.


The new UI (if you aren't going to use Anduril on every single light) is great. It has moonlight, 3 modes, turbo and ramping (though the ramping could use work it seems like a linear ramp which makes it ramp way too fast through lower brightness and too slow through upper brightness). Tweak that and it's close to perfect.


I want to see not just Sofirn but other companies keep what's good and improve what's bad. There are lights that are great if not for one or two things but instead of improving those things they come out with an entirely new light with its own different set of issues. Just keep improving what you have that people love. People love the BLF SP36, SC31 Pro, and IF25A (and LT1 of course, among others). But those are what I'd consider signature lights. I don't want to see new lights I want to see those lights with higher regulation modes, more efficient drivers, different emitter choices (12V SC31 Pro would be amazing). The LT1 is the best example of this it keeps getting better but not different.


Example: I'm not entirely sold on SP10V3 being a large upgrade of SP10S. You developed a way on the SP10S to make the LH351D emitter throw by encapsulating it with the reflector. Maybe this caused lumen loss I'm not sure but on the SP10V3 now the reflector opening is larger and so is the hotspot. The SP10S has higher candela which is perceived brightness. The button is also a downgrade the old button or the SC21 button would be much better. There is a spot for a magnet on the tail cap but no magnet and no access. The UI is a HUGE improvement but otherwise I'm a little conflicted. All I wanted was an SP10S for daily carry that had a UI that you didn't have to hold for off but that's not what the SP10V3 is.


Other thoughts: use less glue (some people like to mod lights without causing damage to them), sell more components so people have options (like the orange peel reflector for SC31 Pro), and add more color (no red anymore?)


Just keep making great lights and great prices like you have been. That is all.

Sidney Stratton
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I second everything stated by mcflies (^^).

Sofirn’s ramping is too fast on low modes and too slow on high modes.

Regulation should be a must on sustainability. Having a burst of high lumens is only good for first impressions. Nothing that can be actually used. I always considered Sofirn lights to be functional and not glitter.

As for the SP10v3, I almost pulled the trigger, but what I really wanted is a better UI than the long press OFF of the SP10S.

And last but not least, if you must use glue, use little or break-away types. I can understand the warranty issue if someone tampers with the light, but there are some types of Loctite that leave a white residue when the seal has been broken. And these glues don’t clean off easily with alcohol or acetone (cyanoacrylate adhesives bind to the anodization dye). It is not only a matter of members modding their lights but the right to repair. Don’t follow Apple’s demise (although they have obliged to backtrack so recently).

I will continue to buy Sofirn lights in as long they don’t become pretentious as do some other manufacturers.

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UI and temperature mgmt.

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SC31 Pro, SC21, IF25A, SP40, IF22A, SC31 V2(?), LT1, others too. Used to EDC the SC31 Pro but now I carry the TS21. I like them all and will likely buy more. Offering high CRI is a good idea. The collaboration with the community is one of the smartest things to do. Keep it up and thank you for the GAW!

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Sofirn must be doing something right because I haven’t purchased a light this year and I am currently thinking of purchasing a D25LR. Would be nice if it had USB-C though.

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I have many sofirn light but bring back the SF10 it’s my favorite edc very durable

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I really like and I’m enjoying every day, my Sofirn SD05. Keep up the good work!

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BLF LT1 and high cri lights are +++

IF22A looks cool, I hope Santa will bring it this year.

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Pushing the boundaries of how good budget lights can be. I also appreciate the customer service, and selling of replacement parts Thumbs Up

Also excited about the Anduril SP10s, and further work with the community.

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keeping supply up during the last two years can’t have been easy and you’ve done an excellent job at it I think.

mainly here for the smaller flashlights.. so good job on SP10 and refreshes

I really, really wish you bring back back C01R in 2022

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I got two sofirns. They are hard to mod and the ano is to shiney and cheap lookin. Some models look good but others look like made by a completely differet company. Sofirn is like poor mans fenix. Could be worse could be better. Marry christmas.

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I am in! I have 3 Sofirn lights that gets used often.

One feature that never gets used is cool white tint on LT1. Simple, single color is all thats needed.

Feature that I miss in other lights is battery voltage check.

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I have a few Sofirn lights and I like them, especially the SC31 pro and BLF SP36.

I’d like to see more efficient drivers and regulation, more neutral high CRI LED options and better finish, especially chamfering of sharp edges. I’d also like to see less glue and an easy access to the light for mods.