Lots of clearance lights at my local Lowes

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Lots of clearance lights at my local Lowes

Craftsman, Lux-Pro, and Energizer

Not a big fan of the 6+ AA lights, but picked up a few LP290V2's for $4.87


and Craftsman 350 lumen 3xAA lights for $4.99


as cheap stocking stuffers this year for family members I don't trust with lion batteries. smile

The LP290V2 has an XP-G3 and pulls 1250/530ma on high/low (~3W light) at the tailcap with fresh Eneloops. The Craftmans looks like an XML (spec just says Cree) and pull 1400/250ma on high/low (~5W light). The Craftsman also has a SMO reflector and throws pretty well for the money/size/non-lion.