WTS: [EU] Lots of leds $100

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WTS: [EU] Lots of leds $100

What is in the picture and in the description. I would like to sell as a whole. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

first row (left to right):
2x xm-l2 3000k from kai on 20mm mcpcb
osram w1 from Hank on 20mm mcpcb, not used
xp-l v3 5A from Hank on 20mm mcpcb, opened, its a bit greenish
7x sst20 4000k from mt07/mf01 mini
9x xp-g2 ~4000k from ylp g180
2x uv 365nm leds from jaxman on 16mm mcpcb
second row (left to right):
xhp50 from jaxman z1 looks like ~5000k, good tint, 20mm mcpcb
2x xhp50 “hi cri” from jaxman on 16mm and 20mm mcpcb, a bit greenish
4x xp-g2 s4 3D 5000k form emisar D4, 21mm mcpcb
4x sst20 5000k from emisar D4, 21mm mcpcb
4× 219b mix 4000k, 4500k, 5000k, 5700k, to my eyes cct is ~5500k on 21mm mcpcb
3x xp-g3 cool white removed from wuben to46r, 20mm mcpcb
3x xp-g3 neutral white hi cri from wuben to46r group buy, not used, 20mm mcpcb
xp-g3 cool white from blitzwolf bw-t1
4x xp-l 3D from blf q8
2x sst20 j5 gb4 95cri 3500k from kai, not used
6x xp-l hi v3 3C 5000k from kaidomain, not used
3x xp-e 1 green, 1 blue, 1 amber & one sst20 530nm
xp-g2 s4 3D 5000k from Hank on 20mm mcpcb, not used
2x sst20 j4 hb4 95cri 3000k from kai, one used, one new
below is 1x seoul viosys 365nm uv led from kai, not used
on the rigt is xhp50.2 cw 3v from kai, sliced, 20mm sanded mcpcb
third row (left to right):
xhp50.2 3000k from Simon on 20mm mcpcb
2x xm-l2 u3 3D 5000k from Hank, both on 16mm mcpcb, not used
xm-l2 v2 5D ~4000k from Hank on 16mm mcpcb, not used
in the tiny box 3x sst40 DD 5000k all sliced, two on 20mm mcpcb, greenish on low levels
1x xp-l hi 3B from Cometa (have host for sale if someone interested) on 20mm mcpcb
5x xp-l hi from diffrent lights, unknown cct & tint (the one on 16mm mcpcb is propably v6 3A from Simon)
xm-l2 u3 2A from kai, 20mm mcpcb
fourth row (left to right):
351d 4000k 90cri from Simon on 20mm mcpcb
below 2x xm-l2 u3 3D from Hank, removed from mcpcb
351d 3500k 90cri from Simon on 20mm mcpcb, a bit greenish
xm-l2 something between nw and cw, a bit greenish, 16mm mcpcb
xhp35 hd neutral white from haikelite sc26 on 16mm mcpcb
xp-l hd 3D from astrolux s1 on 16mm mcpcb
xp-l2 hd cw from lumintop tool
xp-l cool white from boriut BC07
xp-l hi neutral white from lumintop gt mini
2x xp-l2 v4 3c 5000k from kai, one used, one new
2x xp-l hd 3D from astrolux E02
xp-l2 hd cw from otr m3 pro, alu mcpcb
below unknow xp-l2 cw
xhp35 HI C4 40E 4000k 80 cri (but not sure) from kai, 20mm mcpcb

on the left 6x xm-l2 v2 5D from hank 2 on 20mm mcpcb, not used, 4 on 16mm mcpcb, two not used
on the right 3x (Ill keep one) mt-g2 5000k from Hank, also have 20mm mcpcb if interested
3x (Ill keep two) osram w2.2 from Simon

leds that I forgot to photograph:
4x xp-l v3 5A from Hank, used, a bit greenish
2x xm-l2 neutral white from skilhunt h03 and h04, both on skilhunt mcpcb

kiriba-ru S2+ and S21a spacers are available in EU. PM me. A few details here

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