Sofirn SC21

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Sofirn SC21

The Sofirn SC21 features the high CRI Samsung LH315D emitter in 5000k, which is rated for 1000 lumens on turbo. 2700K and 4000 K color temperature emitters are also an option. The beam profile is perfect for an EDC. Thanks to the reflector it provides a good amount of spot and very usable spill. Included in the package is a 800 mah button top 16340 non-proprietary battery, usb c cable, spare o-rings, and the two way pocket clip. 

The SC21 features onboarding charging via usb c, which is very convenient and easy. Since it has onboard charging, this light is a great gift idea to non-flashaholics. The rubber flap is secure and stays in place nicely. The side switch is made of hard plastic which requires a firm push to activate. The switch also includes a small indicator to show battery status. I would say the switch is an update to the switch on the SP35 which was very mushy. The light design is simple with shallow knurling which looks very nice and feels well in hand. It really looks like a shrunken down SP35 which is awesome. The dual direction clip carries well in the pocket and the magnetic tailcap is convenient. 

UI is straightforward Sofirn, a single press turns the light onto the last memorized mode. A long press from off is moonlight, hold while on cycles through low, med, high, and a double click activates turbo. Four clicks while one changes to ramping. The ramping is a little slow but still works nicely if you don’t prefer stepped modes. Moonlight mode is great and 1000 lumens on turbo is impressive in a compact EDC light. The Olight S1R Baton 2 is close competition to this light as it is also rated at 1000 lumens from a 16340 battery. The Olight is a little smaller because it utilizes a TIR reflector while the Sofirn uses a traditional reflector. I much prefer the spill of the reflector from the Sofirn with its smoother beam. The Sofirn SC21 is a great budget option for those who are interested in a compact, bright, and simple to use light.

Things I like:

  • 1000 lumens on turbo from 16340 battery

  • High CRI LH315D emitter

  • Onboard USB-C charging

  • Ability to switch between stepped and ramped modes

Room For Improvement:

  • Upgrade battery to 18350 for more power and longer runtimes with minimal increase in size