357 Lithium coin battery blows up in my face!

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wle wrote:
aren;‘t they alkaline, or carbon-zinc

the OP used a 357 Silver Oxide Button Battery
he incorrectly called it a 357 Lithium battery
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wle wrote:
woulda never thought it

i didn;t think button cells had enough chemical inside to blow up

aren;‘t they alkaline, or carbon-zinc

The 357 AKA SR44 is a Silver-oxide button cel (11.6×5.4mm)
The LR44 is the Alkaline version
The CR44 is the Lithium Manganese version
The PR44 is the Zinc air version

And in a drawer somewhere you may even find some banned MR44 Mercury batteries.
NB. CRxxxx batteries are 3V. The others are (more or less) 1.5V.

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Ledhead wrote:
Unless you’re Timothy Leary

That guy was a real trip.

Just making light; that’s what we do. Smile

I’m still wandering myself. (CM).

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Button cells placed on the reflow plate when nobody is looking makes a big bang.
I think our shop help kid messed himself that day.

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This is sooooooooooo funny. Was minding my own bidniss on the couch, and I heard a loud pop/snap like a firecracker just went off a few feet away from me. A second or so later, “stuff” landing elsewhere. I’m like “wtf?!?”, and even my cat poked his head out of the Chui box he likes to hide in, and he’s like “wtf?!?”, too.

No gasping for air and choking to death, so a Li cell didn’t pop. No shards of plastic as if something like a plastic hangar snapped under a weight and sent pieces flying. I grab a light and go searching around the area. Nothing obvious. Kept looking, and kept looking, and kept looking. Nothing amiss.

Eventually gave up. Just glanced in passing at my calipers (needed ‘em to cut down a SIM card), and saw the bulgy cell wasn’t in the “bubble” in the package. No storage case, easy for the plastic to snap, so I keep it in the card+plastic it came in. Cell’s still “in the package”, but not where it’s supposta be.

I take a closer look, and it’s just a cup now. The middle part (negative contact and stuffing inside) is gone. It’s just the positive case.

Okay, the flat end was almost a hemisphere at this point, but it still worked and powered the calipers. LOL

So apparently it blew through the plastic and launched the disc and stuffing into the air, which is what I heard falling, leaving behind the cup in the package.

Now imagine one of those in a hearing aid… Shocked

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RobertB wrote:
bobvoeh wrote:
Lightbringer wrote:
At least it wasn’t a 44 coin-cell, the most powerful coin-cell in the world, and could blow your head clean off.

I know what you’re thinking. Did he use six batteries or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself.

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Lightbringer wrote:
This is sooooooooooo funny.


Do you think it was effected by the "Tarzan" heat you have had?

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Possibly. After 3ayem and still 85° in the house.

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