What's the un-leakiest battery? (non rechargeable ie CHEAP)

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MtnDon wrote:
I should correct myself. It appears that the cells sold as Heavy-duty are actually different than the other NON-HD types. They both use a zinc case but the chemicals in the HD last longer and provide a more stable voltage according to Wiki. But Wiki also states they leak because the chenical reaction uses up the zinc, thins the zinc case.

that seems like the best answer:
alkaline – unleakiest of the 2
heavy duty
regular duty – leakiest

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Carbon cinc cells regenerate their charge/energy when not used. For this reason, they can provide way longer service life if used from time to time, particularly if drained faster than at slow pace. For this reason I remember obtaining better service time per money unit out of carbon-cinc cells when I had my old gameboy. This was also due to the fact that alkalines were noticeably more expensive than carbon-cinc cells long ago (90's).

If you care about leakage problems, it could be a good idea to wrap any carbon-cinc or alkaline batteries in heat shrinkable tube, like li-ion cells. May be of some help.

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