CRX Quad Luxeon MZ 5700k 90CRI

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CRX Quad Luxeon MZ 5700k 90CRI

CRX Quad Luxeon MZ 5700k 90CRI – Lxl Anduril – 18350 – E-tail Sw – 2600lm.

Hand made, no lathe.

Full copper body with 3K carbon fibre shell
Quad Luxeon MZ 5700k 90CRI emitters
LED4P 20mm Copper DTP MCPCB
Carclo 10621 optic
Copper pill
Lxl Anduril 17mm driver (10 clicks config)
Anduril firmware
Ice blue GITD gasket
Electronic tail switch with ice blue tritium vial
Magnetic tail
Bayonnet locking system with o-ring
18350 cell compatible

Max – 2600lm
Length – 65mm
Width – 27mm
Weight – 170g (with 18350 cell)

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Thanks for sharing your creations, that is amazing!

The mirror finish of the polished copper end cap is incredible.

i can’t figure how you put a tritium vial within a magnet; and built a cylindrical light—and without a lathe.

Would love to see some build pictures.

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Piston e-switches make me go Love

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Honestly, CRX, your “hands” make a much better work and fit & finish than many machines in manufacturers out there!
Classy, intelligent, powerful, and also with high CRI! Great work and, again, good to have you back Beer Thumbs Up

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That’s amazing! Where did you learn to do that?