Help me setup VPN please..

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I’ve been using PIA for quite a while, and the general consensus is that it’s good, but slow. It’s been tried (twice?) in court and proven that they keep no logs, which is good. One concern I have/had is the ownership transfer to Kape, who had ties to stuff that would stick spyware in some apps, but there’s been no proof that it has anything to do with PIA.

I did notice the slowdowns, so would “shop around” for various servers as the need arises. Some are blacklisted by some sites (no prob, pick a different server and you’re done), other times the server might be busy and slow, so again, pick a different server. That’s about it as far as my grexing. Well, that and getting directed to instead of .com if I happen to pick a server in London, that kind of thing.

It does work pretty well overall, and since using them I haven’t gotten any of those “letters” which studios send to various people purely at random with no basis whatsoever to support their wild unsubstantiated claims, so that’s well worth the annual sub.

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vestureofblood wrote:
My Apologies!!! I found the problem with my network and as minithree and azj suggested it was not an issue cased by the VPN. At the same time I installed the VPN I also updated some old passwords including the one on the NAS. I didn’t realize that I needed to update them inside each of my computers as well (someone else setup this nework for me).
Heh, no worries, I’ve been in computers for over 40 years and doing networking for over 30, and I make dumb mistakes periodically…Case in point, one of my backups was failing, and after diagnosing for over 2 weeks I opened a support case with Veeam, only for me to 2 days later that one of the machines in the backup chain was not the machine I thought I was backing up. 1 reboot later (when in doubt…REBOOT), everything was fine.