Help Setting Up DC LED Strips

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Help Setting Up DC LED Strips

Hi all, I’ll preface this by saying I don’t know what I’m doing, so sorry in advance if anything I’m writing here is way off base.

I am looking to equip my kitchen cabinets with underside strip lighting, and want good quality, high-CRI LEDs in warm white.

From what I can tell, there are plug and play AC options, but if you use a low power DC strip, you can get high quality, a cleaner installation, and less heat generation/better safety. I’m certainly open to a simpler option if a good one exists, but I’m willing to do some assembling if the end product will be better and I might learn something.

I won’t be wiring inside the wall, so I’ll be plugging into a USA grounded wall outlet.

There are two separate areas I want to apply to, each with an accessible outlet, one about 1m long, and the other about 3.5m long.

I went on AliExpress, and my plan was to buy a 5m reel from Auxmer with the following specifications:

  • IP62 protection (they recommend for kitchen)
  • 9.6w/m (higher level for task lighting)
  • 3000k (to match the appliance bulbs in my range hood)
  • DC24v (it seems like 12v would be fine here, but that if there’s not a strong reason to use 12v, 24v is slightly preferable)
  • CRI95

I was also going to buy:

  • Additional 2 pin cable
  • 1 waterproof power supply with DC24v output, AC100-240V input, and 20W wattage (for the roughly 1m, 10w strip)
  • 1 waterproof power supply with DC24v output, AC100-240V input, and 60W wattage (for the roughly 3.5, 35w strip)
  • some flexible strip connectors to go over the ridges where the cabinets are joined together
  • a bunch of male and female 2×.1×5.5MM jack plug adapters, which connect the 2pin cable a standard power jack (some M some FM) and can be joined to connect two 2pin cables

My remaining questions are:
1. Am I doing something terribly wrong?
2. I need to make the final connection from the power supply to the wall outlet, but I don’t know what I need for that?
3. What’s the best way to add in a dimmer switch (no smart controls, just manual)?

I hope what I’ve written out makes some sense, and TIA for any help!

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