Aliexpress fishing lures, are they any good?

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Aliexpress fishing lures, are they any good?

Hey folks i bought some fishing lures from Aliexpress to try out , i am still waiting for them to arrive. So i thought i would ask if any one else has used Aliexpress soft or hard fishing lures, If so what brand did you buy and are they any good?. I have used sinkers and floaters and even fishing line from Aliexpress but never bought lures. All the things i have bought where okay in quality.

Link to the lures i bought AOrace branded

VTAVTA branded

From the picture these look decent when comparing them to lures that can be bought in Australia depending on the price.

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Not sure but, for the price, I’d be willing to find out. Honestly, I have never thought of searching for fishing gear on Ali. Thank you.

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when you receive them:

1. sharpen all the hooks. some are sharp, some are not.

2. put a drop of glue on the eyehooks next to the body. just a little “insurance”.

3. most likely, none will run “true”. that is not a bad thing (wounded minnow), but test first.