Thrunite TH02

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Thrunite TH02

The Thrunite TH02 is a small compact 18350 powered headlamp. The TH02 features the Cree XHP 50 emitter in cool white, which is rated for 1500 lumens on turbo. The neutral white emitter is also an option. The beam profile is very floody thanks to the relatively large emitter and shallow reflector. Included in the package is a 1100 mah flat top 18350 non-proprietary battery, micro-usb cable, and headstrap. The included battery is not proprietary and the light functions and charges just fine with my other flat top 18350’s. This headlamp is not a right angle headlamp and does not include a pocket clip. The LED is directly in the center of the light with the power switch on the side. 


The light is rechargeable with micro-usb instead of usb c, which is a letdown. Since it has onboard charging, this light is a great gift idea to non-flashaholics. The charging port is right next to the power switch on the side of the light. The switch button also acts as a battery indicator to show battery status. The switch will light you blue when the battery is good and red when you need to recharge. The included headstrap is the same with other Thrunite model headlamps. It’s an overhead two piece design and the strap is very comfortable and easily adjustable. 


UI is straightforward Thrunite, a single press turns the light onto the last memorized mode. A long press from off is moonlight, hold while on cycles through low, med, high, and a double click activates turbo. Mode spacing is pretty good here at 9 lumens, 85, 450, and turbo at 1,500. The moonlight mode is rated at .6 lumens. I do have to note that the switch was very mushy and difficult to get an accurate button press. Sometimes the click would not register and I had to press multiple times before the light would turn off/on or cycle through modes. 


On this small light, the runtimes are pretty good with the included 18350 battery.  High mode is great with a runtime of just over an hour at that 450 lumen setting. The mode I use the most is medium which gives out a long runtime of 6.5 hours on that 85 lumen setting. If you add some DC Fix to the lens of the light, it helps clean up the tint shift from the Cree emitter. The TH02 is simple, compact, and powerful for most people's usage for a headlamp. 


Things I like:

  • Compact and Lightweight thanks to 18350 battery
  • Red anodizing looks high quality
  • Great runtimes on low and medium modes
  • Low Moonlight mode


Things I don’t like:


  • Micro usb instead of usb c