Skilhunt h300 NW 5000k

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Skilhunt h300 NW 5000k

This light was sent out to me from killzoneflashlights. Overall i enjoy the light as it has a multitude of options for outputs and even though the ui can be complex, once learned it isnt a hard thing to get down. The light has memory modes as well as a light up red light e switch buttn which when the light is locked out you can find via the button led blinking. You can turn this feature off too to save power. The tir optic does a good job of diffusing the beam evenly and no artifacts are present. some negatives are in my opinion, since i use compasses and navigation tools sometimes and other magnetic sensitive equipment are the magnets in the tail cap and in the charging system. I also would have like to seen a sst20 high cri option or a nichia 219b option in a 4000k range. Other than that, its a fun light and the second skilhunt item i own besides the e2a which is my preferred edc budget high cri carry. You can use flat top cells, button cells in this light or 2 x cr123 batteries as well. the max operational voltage is 8.4v. Edit * all night time and beam footage camera settings are iso – 25000 – WB 5000k – aperture 3.5 – 24fps on an old panasonic gh2 14-42mm lens. My favorite modes are the middle tier as they offer the best run times and light for my needs. YMMV.

for discount you can use the 5% code thefossilchannel on the killzoneflashlights website.

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