Brinyte HL16 Noctua

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Brinyte HL16 Noctua

Brinyte sent this light for review and overall i am pleased with the intention and design of the light even if it has a few flaws. The light has a cree type of emitter i was unable to identify at around 6000k. It has 5 different setting and a simple ui. The turning head mechanism is a neat feature, though it can get gummed up if its in dirt and mud which is a negative. Another negative would be the lack of an led option for a higher cri emitter and warmer tint. i suggested to the marketer to have their engineer try a high cri sst20 @ 4000k with the next light. overall though the light is impressive and bright and has a decent throw. There are some but minor artifacts in the spill area. It isnt enough to bother me but may bother others. Brinyte is primarily from what ive seen a tactical focused brand, so I can understand the lack of led options. At any rate here is the video.