Acebeam K65GT

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Acebeam K65GT

Hello everyone, I have a question maybe someone can help me with. I just bought the Acebeam K65GT and according to the directions if you lock the flashlight [hold button for five seconds] I can change the power from ECO [their word] to POWER. So far I have not found the trick to do that. The directions say to click 10 times when locked and I assume you unlock it after and it will be in power mode. I haven’t been able to enter power mode yet. I’ve tried several times that way. Also tried going past 10 times, tried holding the button down past 5 seconds, nope. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m using their batteries, Acebeam ARC18650H-310A. The directions also said I need 10 amp batteries to have access to the power mode. These are the batteries Acebeam recommended for their flashlight and I bought them from Acebeam with the flashlight.

Thank you in advance

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All I could find. I don’t own one.

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Make sure the battery tube and tailcap are on tight. Click once to turn the light on. Click once to turn light off. From off, hold switch down for five seconds (light should flash a few times).

From lockout, click ten times in a row until the light turns on for a moment. During this moment, if the light goes from bright to dim, you are in ECO mode. If the light goes from dim to bright, you are in POWER mode. After it does the two flashes, hold the switch down for five seconds to unlock the flashlight in the selected mode.

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I just did that with my K75 and it works.
But I use 30Q high drain cells.

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Thanks guys, Lixivium just tried your directions and from off I held the button for five seconds and it flashed two or three times very low maybe even moonlight. Then I clicked 10 times and nothing, so I waited 20 seconds and tried the 10 clicks again. Nothing. Did I not wait long enough between holding off and trying the 10 clicks? Maybe something is wrong? Or wrong batteries? As I said these batteries were supplied by Acebeam from their website factory? Anyway I’ll have to buy some different manufacture batteries and try again.

Thanks guys for all your help….

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The 10 clicks interval between each click is the tricky part… Try few different interval. You will probably get it done.

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Just curious. How are you confirming that you’re not in power mode? After the holding down the button for lockout and then clicking 10 times, are you not seeing the light go from dim to not-so-dim or vice versa? One thing to note is when the counting the 10 clicks. Depending on how I count it, sometimes I count 11 clicks. Because of this, I just keep clicking until the dim light comes on. And there’s no lime limit between going into lockout and initiating the 10 clicks. You can do it immediately after or wait a minute after.