Large tail caps., hard to replace tail cap switches .mini-rant :)

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Large tail caps., hard to replace tail cap switches .mini-rant :)

I'm working on a flashlight project at the moment and I'm reminded how annoying it is to have problems with a tail cap.

Some are unnecessarily large. A common example would be (IMO) the tail cap on the Uniquefire HS-802. The Smallsun ZY-C10-S also has a larger than necessary tail cap.

These make otherwise somewhat trim lights...large.

Then there are the non-standard tail cap retaining rings. Most are just aluminum rings with 2 notches and they are easy to get off if you want to replace a tail switch. Others are virtually unremovable without tearing it up.

They are either press-on plastic or solid brass with no way to unscrew them. I have one I can't remove even though I've drilled two small notches in it. I have an alternative tail cap that fits and I could use it's too big for my tastes even though it does screw on.

I finally find a light with fairly clean lines to modify but it has the tail cap problem!

There are bigger problems in the world but at the moment this is the one that annoys me:)

Rant out!