More Added 3/29 Imalent Acebeam Olight Thrunite Sofirn Mecarmy Wuben FOR SALE

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Payment sent on Thrunite T1 brown. 

thank you!

[FLF] Five Light Friday

Check out some of my new lights (picture heavy) and quick first impressions of them here:

My Sft40 beamshots / comparison thread:

The BLF GT with SFT40 (2300lm, 2700m+ @ 30 seconds!)

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Got the lights. Great package of goodies. Looking forward to more business with you. Have you posted your impressions on any of these lights? I think they’re all outstanding for the innovation behind them all. I’m now searching for my acebeam or wuurkos battery similar to the one in the ts2 to see if that works as well. Thanks for keeping me entertained

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