[Review] Nitecore NTP21 Tactical Pen

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[Review] Nitecore NTP21 Tactical Pen

I received the Nitecore NTP21 from Nitecore for the review.

The NTP21 is a tactical pen, made from anodized aluminum, featuring a glass breaker insert and a regular pen.

The NTP21 comes in this box

The NTP21 measures 14,2 mm in length, for a weight of 26 grams.

The end of the cap of the NTP21 is flat, and shows the Nitecore logo.

There’s some milling in the cap, to save some weight and for design.

The clip is milled in the middle, and lays on a flat part of the pen, meaning clipping it to the clothes won’t shred them.

The middle portion of the body has some milling to increase the grip

The body has 2 sides, both with threads for the cap, and it can be secured to the cap so that either the side with the pen or the side with the glass breaker is exposed. On both threads there’s an O-ring in order to avoid accidental untwisting.

The threads are square cut

The glass breaker and the pen sides of the body

The body can be taken apart on the side of the pen, allowing to change the refill (standard refill, the NTP21 comes with a Schneider black gel ink cartridge)

My thoughts
The pen is well built and finished.
For being a tactical pen, I like that it doesn’t have many sharp edges or very acute tips, it means that you can carry it regularly because it won’t shred your clothes or be uncomfortable next to your body.
I like that it is lightweight for a tactical pen, and uses standard cartridges.
The way the NTP21 is built allow you to carry it with the glass breaker exposed, and when you need to use it as a regular pen, you can post the cap (meaning you can screw it securely onto the other side of the body), like a regular pen, without damaging the anodization or worrying that the cap will come loose.

I carried it happily on several occasions, either in my working bag, or clipped in my blazers and coats.
It will definitely be part of my EDC set.

Thanks for reading
Thanks to AntoLed, Won, Zampa.

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