Purple street lights.

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Purple street lights.

I noticed these about 4 years ago. The explanation is the phosphorus is failing. These are annoying. The deeper the UV is the more out of focus it is. I expect they are illegal under 2 different laws. Department of transportation laws governing lighting in general and health department laws laws since it has been proven UV kill rods and cones. I will be working to have these removed. Or they could simply buy phosphorus coated plastic or develop an aerosol can with phosphorus paint. My alter ego bicyclehazard has already forced over 300 departments of transportation to fix road hazards and violations of Title 23 Section 109m United States Code. I will give you advice on how to handle the government if you are interested.

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There’s probably not much UV in it, if any. There are no health issues, but illumination is bad of course.

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Assuming street lamps meet stringent gov regulations for the countries in which they are sold and installed, the poly carbonate lens used in street lamps block almost the entire relevant UV spectrum, meaning both UVA and UVB. Same with PC optics that have become extremely popular with emitter arrays.

Perhaps the question to ask is, “what are the materials used for the lens/optics in the effected lamps?”

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Are you sure these are not the blue lights used in areas to dissuade drug addicts from shooting up?

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Purple Rain?

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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A quick search shows it’s a national problem with faulty leds and they are getting replaced. Has your municipal just decided to keep them for 4 years? Crazy

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Call up the power company and/or city and let them know about them. Most of the utilities are getting compensated by their distributors for the faulty lights so they’re more than happy to replace them when they’re made aware of them.

/so much for LEDs being “environmentally friendly” when you’re having to throw out hundreds of thousands (or millions) of fixtures like this… ::sigh::