Compact AA EDC?

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Compact AA EDC?

What are the current smallest AA devices out there? I had one of those DQG Tiny AAs from half a decade ago but it’s no longer with me. It wasn’t perfect but it was nice and cheap but most of all it was absolutely tiny! I’d like something to take over its role.

All of the forum darlings like the SP10 are simply way too bloated for my liking. At that size I may as well carry my SC64. It seriously looks like slim pickings.

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It’s hard to get much smaller than the Maratac AA twisty, at 3” × .7” from CountyComm. 5/45/245 lumens.
For a side switch light, the Zebralight SC5w is reasonably compact.

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Had a DQG slim w AA tube, was as small as one can get.

My current fav small is the Fenix E12 v2. Particularly after reflow upgrade to Nichia219B sw45k.

On the light side.

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Lumintop Tool AA with magnetic tailcap(instead of rhe switch) is pretty small, slim and cheap…

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twistys are always the smallest light available

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