flashlight for use with oversize batteries

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flashlight for use with oversize batteries

I got myself a new 21700 flashlight and a Nitecore 2150R to go with it, but the battery doesn’t fit in the flashlight. I just saw another post with that exact story, but I’m interested in different flashlights. Does anyone know of a flashlight that is either inexpensive or interesting that works with the Nitecore 2150R?

Thanks in advance!

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I suspect that cell is very long being one that has built in charging so your options are probably going to be quite limited as it’s not exactly a standard size cell. You could possibly squash the tail spring or put a shorter spring in, but keep in mind you will then have problems if you ever want to go back to using a standard length cell.

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Generally speaking, the Nitecore batteries are optimized for Nitecore flashlights.

The lights discussed on this forum, Convoy, Astrolux, Wurrkos, etc, work best with unprotected cells from manufacturers such as Samsung, Molicel, LG, etc.

I would bet money that Nitecore battery would fit perfectly in a Nitecore light.