Solar generator Energizer PPS700 ( 626Wh, *800w of measured output) + 100w Towerwin solar panel (>103w in reality, 60w PD)

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Solar generator Energizer PPS700 ( 626Wh, *800w of measured output) + 100w Towerwin solar panel (>103w in reality, 60w PD)

Portable power stations are damn convenient for outdoor rest and camping. So they get more popular, and no surprise that such a giant brand as Energizer stepped in and released several model. I`ll tell you about Energizer PPS700, which is between low power 300W compact PSS320 and the super powerful (4800W!)and capacious PSS2000.

Specifications below are honey sweet as usually. I mean, they literally lie. When it came to output power , it turned out to be that Energizer PPS700 was way better then specs promise.

you can buy Energizer PPS700 at:
- only PPS700
- full kit with 100w Towerwin solar panel
- Towerwin solar panel solely

- only PPS700
- full kit with 100w Towerwin solar panel
- Towerwin solar panel solely

Battery: Li-ion 60*18650 2900mah 12s5p
DC input: 12-30V (Max 100W)
DC output: 12-16.8V/10A
AC output: 600W 220V 60Hz
Input/Output Type-C:PD 60W(5V/3A;9V/3A;12V/3A;15V/3A; 20V/3A)
USB output:5V 2.4A*3 Fast charge (5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A)
Weight: ~5.63 kg \ 12 lbs
Size:260*173*202mm \ 7.9*6.8*10.2 inch.


The transportation package of solar generator is no more than an additional layer of cardboard.

But solar panel has reliable wooden deck.

Why there are so many photos of packaging? My logic is simple – solar generators are not sort of a cheap product, and if someone wants to choose a solar generator and end up with decision to buy Energizer PPS700, then he needs to see if everything will arrive safe. And in general – an excess of information in the review is better then lack of it, isn’t it?

Well, here is the power plant itself! The package is great, of course, as you would expect from such a large brand. As you can see from the markings on the end, the manufacturer makes PPS700 for different markets.

There is a really thick layer of foam rubber inside


1 × 600W Energizer PPS700 portable power station
1 x charger with currency and euro plugs
1 x car charger cable
1 x PD60W Type-C cable
1 X MC4 solar charging cable
1 X User Manual

The 24V power supply delivers a maximum of 90W.

standard 5521 pin

There is a connector for solar panel if you already have one.

The manual in Chinese and English is very detailed

Well, let’s look at this miracle portable power station up close.

Appearance of all types of solar generatos i`ve already seen is determined by functionalilty and is not wretched by stupid marketing.
The same is here, fortunately. Energizer PPS700 is something like a heavy plastic brick with a handle, like 10 out of 10 other such devices,

Of course, the design and overall external workmanship are flawless.

The legs are rubberized, the generator does not slip.

The size and weight surprised me. Obviously, twice the capacity Nitecore NES1200 turned out to be much larger and heavier. But the Energizer PPS700 turned out to be more light-weight and compact then the less powerful and capacious pioneer of such devices, Bosscat AY006.

~5.63 kg \ 12 lbs make Energizer PPS700 very convenient in terms portability.

well. Let’s take a closer look at it PPS700.

There are a bunch of input-output ports on the front panel. Of what is worth noting – there are two 5521 connectors with 12-16.8v \ 10a output. This can really simplify the use of lot of a devices. For example, charging laptops without using power supply unit. Of course, if your laptop support Type-C charging, you can use this port as well.

There is no separate power button to turn PPS700 on or off. You just press the button near required output port , then Energizer PPS700 wakes up. If you dont use any output port, generator turns off automatically after several minutes.

Of course, you can use several outputs at the same time.

At first glance, everything is simple and convenient. But i think that all the ports should have covers, like PPS2000 has.
Here is simple reason.

And i definetely would like to see timer of remaining charge and discharge time, like Nitecore NES1200 has.

However, it can be useful as is, without these improvements.

There are ventilation holes for fan cooling on both sides.

Convenience consists of little details, and here is one of them. Around the top under the handle there are small bumpers and it is convenient to keep device that you charge there.
This part of Nitecore NES1200 is flat, smartphone will slip off. And Bosscat doesnt have this part to put any device on at all.

Take a look.

I couldn disassemble power staion, but promotional picture gives some idea of what is inside

Solar generators use 2 types of chemistry (I admit that there is something else that i`m not aware of).

LiFePo4 is dramatically less flammable and has a dramatically longer lifespan than Li-Ion. But it has a lower energy intensity and current output. In other words, with the same capacity, it will be less powerful and larger than a Li-Ion battery. PPS320 and PPS2000 are based upon LiFePo4 and PPS700 has Li-Ion , 60 * 18650 2900mah cells,


Ok, something relative to BLF -)

There is a source of light and that’s good. I like that light is just a CW, not disgusting blueish one, and like that there are 2 levels of brightness. I dont think SOS is a real need here, but it is not particularly annoying.

The brightness is quite enough to illuminate the road in front of me and I would estimate the useful radius of 7-10 meters, which is enough for the eyes for all everyday needs.

The convenience of table light is doubtful, it will shine directly into the eyes.

The main disadvantage is that the flashlight is located in front and, as mentioned above, you have to twist the hand to direct the light in front of you. If there was a flashlight at the end, this would not be required. Look at the PPS320 above, that’s where the flashlight is located right.

Ideally, you need a more long-range light at the end and a dim, downward-angled blurry light for those cases when the generator is on the table and illuminates something in front of it.

And here we come to the most important thing. capacity and power. What is Energizer PPS700 capable of?

USB and Type-C

The manufacturer claims next:

*Type-C input/output*:PD 60W(5V/3A;9V/3A;12V/3A;15V/3A; 20V/3A)
*USB-A Output*:5V 2.4A*3 Quick Charge (5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A)

There were no questions about USB-A and support of all possible charging protocols, but i couldn`t tested PD, the tester was buggy and I have nothing to show you.

However, specs claims exact output at exact voltage level. So I just set the maximum possible 20v and saw that the Energizer PPS700 gave out definitely more than the declared 60 watts.
The device was turned off by overload protection at somewhere around 68 watts. You should look at the load screen, and not at the screen of the generator.

USB-A QC output also gives a more then stated, thought a little bit .

Capacity. Here is what i got with 20w load. As usually with any sort of powerbanks, it is less then stated. I don`t like this, but that is how it works…just enivitable losses on energy conversion.

Well, the sweetest thing, 220v output.

I remind you that 174000mAh/626watt*h and 650W of power are declared. To my surprise, PPS700 perfectly work with more powerful devices, sometimes showing more than 800 watts, see the photo. According to my observations, overload defense cut power somewhere at 950 watts.

Working with a angle grinder is a vivid example. It was almost impossible to use it with my previous 500W Bosscat generator, overoload protection turned device off even when i cut really thin metal. And with Energizer PPS700 I cut through 2mm think metall. You can see it in video review.

The same with a drill and a jigsaw (see video). Of course these are not deivices for camping. But you know that PPS700 is way more powerfull then specs promise.

Ah, is worth noting that I also plugged a 2100 watt induction cooker to Energizer PPS700, hoping to start from some of minimal level. It turned out that it started at maximum power by default and so PPS700 simply stopped showing signs of life, the screen turned blanc and device did not react. After a couple of minutes of running in circles around the cottage and cursing myself, I decided to try inserting the charging plug in. And, wow, this little power station came back to life! I didnt experiment with really powerful devices after that, but i know that Energizer PPS700 can survive high inrush currents.

I plugged my old usual kitchen tiles after that, it worked perfectly.

What else? TV? No problem. My 32` old Samsung consumes 50 watts. Exactly 10% of charge per hour.
So Energizer PPS700 lets watching TV for all night long.

Laptop? Again, no problem at all. Actually, this pic shows how i wrote most of review, sitting in swing and listening to birds and goode olde swedish death metal.

If your laptop is less powerfull, you can directly power it by 60w PD. My Lenovo Legion needs at least 100w, but neighbour pretends everything is Ok.

Car 12v refrigerator? Yes, easy! Well. Let’s just plug everything that i can in PPS700

Solar panel

Power: 100 Watt
2* USB-A: 5V/3A, 9V2A, 12V/1.5A
1* 18W USB-C: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12
DC Current:5.5*2.1mm 19V/5A
Unfolded: 1600*530*10mm
Rolled: 355*530*60mm
Operating temperature range: -10~ 65℃

The panel is sooo well made. Everything is neatly stitched, conveniently folded, there are kickstands. There is only one disadvantage – the wire is \too short, I think that it undoubtedly needs to be longer. However, anyone who can hold pliers from correct side can do this in minute.

I have 3 solar panels from Ali besides this one, and what i knew after tested each of them, is that output is way less then seller promises. So it was such a pleasant surprise to see 103 watts output here! And this is when it was just +15-17 around, just sunny midday in May. I hope i can reach 110w in June-July.

Moreover – there is a 60-watt PD output! Damn, i looked for solar panel with powerful PD output and couldnt find any.

In cloudy, seriously cloudy weather, i got 18 watts, btw, also great output for such a condition.

Energizer PPS700 video review contains lots of examples how generator powers up lot of devices.


Energizer PPS700 is not a full replace of gasoline generator for a power outage at home. It cannot turn on a kettle or a microwave or a powerful pump. You need some really powerful and capacious solar generator for blackouts. And Energizer has such a solution – Energizer PPS2000 with its capacity of 2.2Wh and unbelievable peak power of 4800W. And it has another colossal advantages – 10 years lifespan of its LiFePo4 battery or 2000 charge-discharge cycles.

However, the PPS700 will certainly help you with basic household needs. You will use a refrigerator, you can boil water with a compact boiler. The heating circulation pump will also keep your house warm.

You watch TV or use a laptop for a long, long time, and at the same time there will still be enough power to provide the house with light.

Something got broken? It will be possible to use an angle grinder or a drill – here Energizer PPS700 showed its best side, giving out more than the declared power. I’m not even talking about charging smartphones and tablets … Of course, you can prepare for frequent shutdowns with the help of 2-3 car batteries and an inverter, and for rare blackouts (fuel will cost you a lot for frequent ones) a gas generator and a canister of gasoline will help. I openly admit that all this will be better as a backup power source for the house during a power outage, you will have more power and runtime.

It is necessary to evaluate the product from the standpoint of the purposes for which it was created. And for Energizer PPS700 they are camping and caravanning, to provide electricity away from electrical networks. And your camping will be roayl with solar generator.

Car refrigerator, laptop, tablet, quadrocopter – PPS700 will allow you to power anything. The device is called a solar generator for a reason. Energizer’s proposed 100W solar panel is fantastically good and even exceeds the advertised power output. It will allow you to half charge the generator even on a cloudy day. With 60w PD output you can charge a laptop with a Type-C input.

In short, I really like this device. There is something to improve, but as it is – it is convenient to use and it works as it should. It makes no sense to take it outdoor without a solar panel; all the charm of such devices is fully revealed only with a solar panel.

Ah, price. Price is not small. Solar generators are not cheap. But, again. Energizer PPS700 cost way less then any other brand solar generator of that power. Even at the level of no-name after you use coupons or codes.

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