NEW Haikelite HK29 with 29x LH351D 90CRI, 27000 lumens, 3x 21700

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NEW Haikelite HK29 with 29x LH351D 90CRI, 27000 lumens, 3x 21700

Haikelite has listed the new Haikelite HK29 on Taobao:

It is the same host as the HK05 which uses three 21700 batteries. The HK29 uses 29x LH351D 5000K 90 CRI in a reflector for 27000 lumens and 600 m throw. There is also a 6500K option with unknown leds but the LH351D’s are what makes this flashlight interesting. Upon asking, the seller confirmed that they are 5000K 90CRI. With 76mm head diameter it will have a very floody beam.

I downloaded a few pictures from the listing.

In the reviews of the buyers I found intriguing pictures which show a green reflection on the glass lens. Green AR coating should reduce the DUV.

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This is what peak performance looks like.

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trypophobia… but it looks good, wish to own

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With so many emitters for flood, why even add a reflectors and just mule it out.

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I wonder if they would sell only a host, I have a ton of extra emitters laying around.

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Not enough emitters!  :P

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their history of quality flaws is of concern.

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I would like to see it with 8 Yinding 5050 leds.

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That would need a lot of slicing.