Hi, echo from the past here, years of use from BLF specials :)

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Hi, echo from the past here, years of use from BLF specials :)

Hey guys,

Its been a very dark and very very heavy time for me these last years, no sign of relief or clear way out, so not clear if I can manage so let’s not go there.

Saw a huge amount of private messages poppin in (after a previous pb avalanche that ended when a clever forum user just emailed me for some Q8 related sharing Smile )so thought i could be of some service, feel free to email me at wimmm777ATgmailDOTyouknowwhatitsayshere Wink

And not all gloom and doom, a nice story about the old times, we have the bamboo in the front yard and an island with bamboo.
These pesky Starlings like to stay there for the night.
Thousands and thousands of them, its an impresive sight seeing the flock gathering for the nights, clouds of starlings.
But i don’t want them flying over the house or entry way.
We tried clapping, drumming, you what does the trick?
Me in the front yard with the GT prototype en my son with another thrower on the second floor.
Its awesome how the beams of light guide the massive flock away from our property and over the public road, our spot is nice and the public road smells terrible from all their droppings.
In the morning, I grab my notebook and GT prototype, sit in front of the house with a coffee browsing and waiting, and when the flock is about to fly (you can tell by the sound they make) I clap once, then turbodrive the GT and nicely guide them all over the public road and an empty field.
So still using the GT for months every day each year en the little switch light of a Q8 is my night lighting.


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Yooo TheMiller, happy to see you back.


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That is a truly unique use for a great light! (I still love my BLF Q8, too.)

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Miller !!!

Glad to hear from you!

If you could how about some pics of the squadron of Starlings?
Love your solution.

My bird problems are those Grackles stealing the Cat food for the outside strays.


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Hoi Wim!

Good to hear from you. That’s indeed a blast from the past. AKA Good Old Days.
Last couple of years must have been very hard for you. “Retiring” from the fast life into the idyllic scenery of the tourist business, coming to a grinding halt because of Covid. But my crystal ball tells me you will soon be swamped with people who are catching up on two years of missed holidays. Take good care of numero uno.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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An oldie but a goodie Thumbs Up

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Made me happy to see this post!!

What a great story, and the image of so many thousands of birds. It can be mesmerizing to watch them in such huge flocks, “breathing” in the air above.

“…what does the trick? Me and a GT prototype…”

I was going to suggest owls. Smile

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Ha Wim, good to see you here again, if only briefly.

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Nice to see a message from you!
Old times revive, and the Q8 i have is one of the few which is never opened and still stock Innocent

Have a good one !
Cheers Beer

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Welcome back, The Miller!

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Glad you’re still here. I want to see a video of you leading the starlings like the pied piper

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Hi Miller, what a nice surprise to see your post! Smile

I have fond memories of the excited conversations during the Q8’s development.

I bought several Q8s for myself and friends, and they all still get used! I recently spotted one mounted to a portable tripod on my friend’s table. Party

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Glad you’re still alive and kicking The Miller!

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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Good to hear from you The Miller Wink Beer
Hope you’re doing well Thumbs Up

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Heya, Miller!

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back man.. been to long.

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Thumbs Up Welcome back!
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Very good to hear from you Wim. Keep it easy.

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Welcome back!