Upgraded 1.5V AA/AAA rechargeable Li-ion batteries with power indicator

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Upgraded 1.5V AA/AAA rechargeable Li-ion batteries with power indicator

For 1.5V AA/AAA rechargeable Li-ion battery, many users like its 1.5V constant voltage output advantage, which helps to improve the devices’ performance. For example, it lasts longer in some devices like the Xbox Wireless Controller, and it could make the RC toy car go faster for better playtime, or the battery operated screwdriver rotate quicker…While, some people think the constant voltage might be a disadvantage too. It’s constant so battery gauges don’t work. The battery in the devices might drop from 100% to 0% without any reminder, then suddenly power off.

To solve this, we released the updated rechargeable XTAR 1.5V AA & AAA batteries with power indicator function. Unique built-in voltage control IC enables the devices which have lower power indicator function to remind users in time when the power is insufficient. Matching with the new LC4 charger, it’s convenient to charge these batteries.

Please check more details here:

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Nice upgrade! I love to know some info about battery status!

Enjoy BLF

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Your Amazon link states unavailable (out of stock).