nichia 519a

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nichia 519a

Please folks, what are the 519a led flashlights? thank you all.

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The search function is your friend. Many manufacturers and options to choose from. The big players are probably Convoy and Int’l Outdoors (a.k.a. Noctigon/Emisar). Those in the know will be along soon to fill in the gaps, I’m sure. Good luck.

La funzione di ricerca è tua amica. Molti produttori e opzioni tra cui scegliere. I grandi giocatori sono probabilmente Convoy e Int’l Outdoors (alias Noctigon/Emisar). Quelli che sanno saranno presto insieme per colmare le lacune, ne sono sicuro. Buona Fortuna.

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Darksucks (Prometheus) is allowing them as a choice in their Alpha and Delta lights. I really haven’t shopped lights lately so I’m sure there are way more than this. As TIFisher mentioned I did also see Convoy was putting them as a choice also.