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Closed - Custom Hand Made 1AA Copper Light - Closed

SOLD on cpf   - Copper Light that I made. It runs on 1AA battery (NiMH or ALkaline). It is made of copper pipe and fittings. It has an XP-G emitter and a 5 mode driver. The driver only puts out (approx) 900ma, so it is not a really bright light. The 5 modes are L/M/H/SOS/Strobe. I know, but that was the only 14mm driver I could find. The lens is plastic. The pill is copper.

The design is the same as other copper lights I have done. The tailcap is a pipe end cap and "twist locks" on and off the barrel. The switch is completely home made and it is a twist on/off switch. You twist on, push up to change modes and twist off. See HERE and HERE for more details on how it works.


Here's a couple of photos:











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