Any Headlamps with silent angle adjustment, not clicky

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Any Headlamps with silent angle adjustment, not clicky

I bought a Black Diamond Spot based on online reviews, and while I liked the light output, I hate the loud click it makes to adjust the light angle. Are all Black Diamond lights like this?

Any headlamp manufacturers or specific models that use a silent angle adjustment?


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Many right angle lights in silicone mounts can be rotated silently. ZebraLight, Armytek, Skilhunt and many more.

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I like the olight headlamp mount, easy to take out and grips better than the regular silicone holders

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Thanks for the suggestions. Any traditional rectangular style headlamps with silent angle adjustment? What about the Petzyl lights?

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Most of “traditional” is lowtech and sells only thanks to aggressive marketing Wink Try Skillhunt H04 hi-cri.

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I don't think anyone here will ever recommend a petzl light .

 I was excited to see my brother had a little petzl years ago and i asked if he would trade me lights for the evening . I dropped a light on his dresser and i excitedly took it out of the room...38 seconds later I brought it back in and swapped back .. eww...  What a horrible piece of crap . foul blue cw nasty pwm ,AAA batteries?  just surprised that they had the guts to ask the kind of money they did . 

I pray they've gotten better over the years  but I wouldn't waste my time even looking at the brand ever again  

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I like the BD lights a lot and for headlamps while hiking and backpacking they’re still what I use. I think all of them use a form of that toothed ratched (that I’ve seen in the last several years anyway). The old BD bracket would tend to lose its grip as the teeth got worn (or more typically would crack)…and they got quieter. lol. I don’t know how the current Spot/Storm sounds as my most recent are from 2016 and 2017, couple generations ago. You might be able to undo the bracket and very gently remove some of the tips of the teeth on the rear part/band holder and that might reduce the click while not giving up holding power. Petzl is about the same unless they changed theirs recently.

The “flashlight” headlamps are mostly right angle and use the silicone rubber mounts which are infinitely adjustable and silent but also usually a pain to adjust one handed or quickly…adding a little grease doesn’t help much and can be a real mess. Additionally, if you’re used to regular centered beams like these, the right angle lights might take some time to mentally adjust to the offset (bugs me to no end so I can’t use them for extended periods, just for brief or intermittent task use mostly). There are some with a centered beam where the emitter housing is in front of the battery tube, though, although they are bulkier.

Still looking for my perfect headlamp. The BD are actually pretty good and in their own way have used some more advanced tech but they still leave a little to be desired…same with Petzl. Milwaukee actually has some ok similar headlamps but they are ridiculously priced and really best for up close task use and are pretty sensitive to battery voltage to the point that high modes don’t last long at all and the light won’t let you force it into high once the voltage is below a certain level (it’s a problem)…but wonderful color and renditioning, and their clicky adjustment is pretty quiet & reliable. I keep hoping someone will jump on the centered rectangular design and really put the brains into it but not yet. Nitecore has a couple worth looking at but drawbacks still…if memory serves they were about as clicky-loud as the BD. I spoke with one of the lighting product engineers at BD some years back and he was very receptive to the input and suggestions I had but I think the market guidelines and budget restraints (price point) from above are keeping them where they are at.