【Wurkkos GAW】Wurkkos New TS22 & WK40 Giveaway-Closed

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RGBW multicolor flashlight – there are a lot of people who want one of these…… including me! thanks for the oppertunity of a chance wurkkos Thumbs Up

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I wish I had TS22. Currently have a few FC11 and TS30S. Thanks for GAW.

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I am glad to see Wurkkos using boot (TS22) and buck (WK40) drivers. I like to have flat runtime charts, and those drivers should give them to me, and be efficient at the same time.

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The HD15 has become my #1 EDC the moment it landed on my doorstep. Am not partial to head lights but the HD15 with a 18350, clipped in my breast pocket, is a perfect “hands free” light.
Would love to own a TS22 as well (with XHP70.3 Smile )

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Getting a ts10 in the mail hopefully tomorrow.thanks!



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Out of all my flashlights I use the FC12 the most. Hoping that a cap will be developed for the TS21 without a magnet so that I can EDC it. Magnets mess with my watches. Keep up the good work.
FC11 in the garage
FC12 on my nightstand
TS21 on my desktop
HD20 in my toolbox

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Wurrkos and Convoy actually listen to customers.

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I have ts10. Love it!

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I’m actually dont have any Wurkkos lights yet, but would like to try one. Both, TS22 and WK40 seems to be good and interesting lights.

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I have HD15, HD20, WK01 × 3, WK02 × 3, TS21 × 2, TS10 × 4.

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so far i have just ts21 from wurkkos. hoping to have ts10 soon!
these new upgrades are interesting as well, thanks for give away! GL all Smile

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Great GAW, I been trying to get my hands on the new TS10 in silver with ice blue but stock just isnt coming Facepalm
Good luck to all Thumbs Up

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I still don’t have a Wurkkos but that’s not because you don’t make good lights, in fact I think you are doing very well and both of these are very interesting. It’s just that there’s so much to choose from and I have limited budget so thanks for the chance to win one. (multi-color light has a slight preference because of being different and with high play factor)

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I have two TS21’s, a HD15, and a HD20.

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I have WK30 and TS21, those are great lights. Wurkkos has been making great designs at affordable prices Thumbs Up An RGB light with high output and a good UI is what is drastically needed on the market.

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I got TS10 in all available colors and aux colors.
I would like to have more colors available.

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Like the rotary switch on the WK40
Could be a popular seller if it works well.

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Thanks for the giveaway, Wurkkos!

I could be wrong, but it seems like Wurkkos does more BLF giveaways than most manufacturers, which is appreciated around here.

I mean, who doesn't like a nice giveaway?

(I'm not in this one.)

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Have many Wurkkos lights and love them. The TS10 will likely be my next purchase and then the WK40 when it gets released ;).
Wurkkos is soaring lately! Thanks for the giveaway!
….actually just saw the wk40 on the website…sold!

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I own 2 x WK01

An XHP70.3 HI would be preferred in the new TS22

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- Wurkkos DL10R
- Wurkkos DL20R
- Wurkkos DL30
- Wurkkos DL40
- Wurkkos DL70
- Wurkkos FC11
- Wurkkos FC12
- Wurkkos HD20
- Wurkkos TS10
- Wurkkos TS30S

Thank you for the giveaway!

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SammysHP wrote:
- Wurkkos DL10R
- Wurkkos DL20R
- Wurkkos DL30
- Wurkkos DL40
- Wurkkos DL70
- Wurkkos FC11
- Wurkkos FC12
- Wurkkos HD20
- Wurkkos TS10
- Wurkkos TS30S

Thank you for the giveaway!

Gotta catch em’ all Big Smile

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My TS10 is my favorite 14500 cell light. I have 2 of them and one has been in my pocket every day since I go the first one. My TS21 goes with me quite often when taking the dog out at night. Great lights.

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Thanks for the GAW Wurkkos.

I think the success of the TS10 launch should be evidence to Wurkkos that a hi-CRI light with advances features can be a viable market niche Wurkkos can take without much competition.

On the light side.

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I have the TS21 and TS10. Wurkkos customer service—on BLF and on AX—has been great.

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I like the TS22. I just wish it had that ring control like on the WK40.

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FC11 is one of my favourites. I also have an HD15R, with a pretty bad (red) level allocation. TS22 looks interesting, the other is something like a Christmas tree ornament. Big Smile

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Ts21 is a great light to have for EDC!

I like torches Smile

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Have an HD15, FC11 and TS10.

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Love the ts10, My favorite edc. But regarding Wurkkos as a company, they got it goin on!

From new concept light, to production, is by far this fastest of any company. No other can compete!

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