Lght(s) you bought more than 1?

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Kind of specific, but the Tool AA in Gray. For like 2 years they couldn’t be found and then I got one on their site. Later I saw it on Amazon for free shipping. I don’t think they are limited, but I got a spare just in case they come hard to find again.

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Scallywag wrote:
Does a D4 and D4v2 count?

What’s the difference? More efficient?

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I have three S2+ lights, one with a W1, one with a sst40 behind a 60 degree pebble optic, one with a 519a and OP reflector.

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dealgrabber2002 wrote:
Scallywag wrote:
Does a D4 and D4v2 count?

What’s the difference? More efficient?

Some slight host changes, but very minor.
New driver that’s not 7135-based (so a bit more efficient) and a new generation of ATTiny, plus the move from RampingIOS to Anduril. And Aux lights primarily. Eventually he added 2-channel drivers which support tint-mixing. Now there’s a boost driver too.
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I’m with JM, that it’s probably easier to list those I don’t have multiples of.

Things like my MH20s, EC50s, EC4GTs, GTmicros, etc., I just don’t want to be without at least one, so “two is one, one is none”.

Those “free” lights like the Oilights and Thrunites, yeah, lots of multiples, ostensibly for gifting, but…

Other keychain lights are cheap enough to grab a few if at a low enough price-point. Eg, the infamous Glaree E03s.

Classic lights like the F1 again are too good to not have at least a couple, even, ironically, if I don’t use ‘em.

Then the buy-‘em-as-hosts lights like S2+es, F13s, C8s of all varieties, hosts that take drop-ins (‘501s, ’502s, L2Ms, etc.), and so on.

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