Thrunite Catapult Pro

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Thrunite Catapult Pro

Thrunite Catapult Pro

The Thrunite Catapult Pro is a new updated 26650 powered thrower flashlight. The Catapult Pro is the updated version of the Catapult V6 SST-70. The Catapult Pro features the domeless SFT-70 emitter in cool white, which is rated for 2713 lumens on turbo mode. Given the domeless emitter is in a deep smooth reflector, the beam profile has a crisp hotpot with very usable spill. The beam is a very clean, cool white with no rings around the hotspot. The throw is great with an intensity of 252,500 candela. Included in the package is a high capacity 5000 mah 26650 battery, USB-C cable, velcro holster and user manual. The previous Catapult V6 SST-70 version is a similarly sized light but featured the more floody and domed SST-70 emitter. 


The light is rechargeable via the included USB-C cable. The rubber flap does a great job in providing a protective seal of the charging port. The side switch is the classic Thrunite clicky e-switch with a built-in battery indicator. The new Catapult Pro updates with new knurling as found on Thrunites newer models such as the Catapult Mini and TN12 Pro. The included holster is very solid and has great retention of the light when I tested during hiking. 


The UI is very simple as its a ramping user interface. A single press turns the light onto the last used mode. When in ramping, holding down the switch will slowly ramp to a higher or lower brightness. A double click from on or off will activate the 2713 lumen turbo mode. A triple click will activate strobe. You can activate lock out mode if you hold the switch when in moonlight mode, another hold when off will unlock the light. The high mode (infinity high) is rated for 1482 lumens with a runtime of 24 minutes until it steps down to 909 lumens for 120 minutes. Infinity low is rated at 42 lumens for about 53 hours. As this emitter is run at either 6 or 12 volts, a boost driver is used which provides solid runtimes at medium to lower levels. 


I am thoroughly impressed with this new Thrunite Catapult Pro and the clean beam it throws. This is another great looking and great performing light from Thrunite. 


Things I like:

  • Throws far with candela of 252,500
  • Powerful SFT-70 LED
  • Fairly compact for its performance


Things I don’t like:


  • Can’t cycle from moonlight to regular modes
  • Gets hot fast on turbo