Astrolux BL02 / Sofirn Bike Light opened

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Astrolux BL02 / Sofirn Bike Light opened

I just swapped the two emitters in my new bike light from sofirn to two LH351C 5000K that I had laying around.

Since I couldn’t find any pictures from the insides, here are some.

Going further would be possible, but you have to somehow remove the glue from the battery (only in the front) and since I only wanted to change the LEDs, I didn’t go further.
I applied new thermal compound all around the board, not just the bottom, it has contact on the sides, too, even if it’s just little.

I you want to open your’s – the lens is just glued in. There is an extra seal, so there isn’t glue all around the lens and it can be spudgered out OK easily with the flat side of one of those flexible spudgers: