What to buy??

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Night vision goggles even more promising ;))

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Quadrupel wrote:
Night vision goggles even more promising ;))

Speaking of, you know a good set I could purchase that isn’t $$$$$$$

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if you have no lights at present, spend $20 on convoy s2+

see what you like and don;t like about it, go from there

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If I had that much money, I would definitely have invested in something, like some promising startup that I could use or enrich myself in the future.

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“What should I buy?”

1. Apple stock. it is low, now.
2. Silver Eagles. so is silver.
3. Intel Core i5-12400.

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the FireFlies e07x and NovMu are back in stock as a "preorder". id buy those LOL

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A good monocular. I have a nikon 5×15mm that is tiny and great quality – they don’t make them anymore. Good quality beats bigger magnification. It is so small that I carry it all the time on the harness of my daypack – I carry the day pack all the time. I really think that my discovery of good flashlights is akin to having a monocular. With a good flashlight I can see what is out there in the dark a long way off. My monocular often satisfies my curiosity when I’m out walking.