Your thoughts on this Powertac headlamp?

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Your thoughts on this Powertac headlamp?
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Its made for people who newer visited BLF.
From official web site: “The HL-10 headlamp incorporates a powerful CREE XM-L2 U2 LED that shines a vibrant 2500 lumen in high mode.” Why not 9000000lumen ? Big Smile
With that host it can output constant 250 lumen max.

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When I check the specs for this light on their website and compare those with the datasheet for the LED and the capacity of a 18650 battery, the numbers do NOT match up.

This LED produces 1300lm at max. rated current (3Amps). Efficiency is quite low at higher currents. For 2500lm, it would require around 10Amps for a total power of 30 Watts. Given the thermal resistance of the package (2.5°/W) it would burn out in seconds, independent of the cooling.

Also, the battery provides less than 10 Wh, which would give a runtime of less than 20mins, while the specs claim mor than one hour.

Assuming 1200lm at turbo, the numbers “sort of” match up. However, as others have said, the host will most likely not provide sufficient cooling to maintain even 1200lm.

So it seems overpriced and bulky for what it does.

Thanks for bringing it up, I will avoid this company in the future.

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