Diy super bright red xpg3 think I’m gettin it

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Diy super bright red xpg3 think I’m gettin it

Wow I miss my pc this phone is killing me it’s like trying to read a book looking through a smarties sweets tube

I think I am gettin the jist and think found right forum

So my chip xp-g3 red 660nm is the best red chip for hunting rabbits and far throw

And the driver needed is an amc7135 the more of the little black boxes I always saw as bugs in school lol some come with 6 and others you can buy with up to 12? Max I can find
So this is the driver

And the button clicker is the other device which I can’t work out,,, if I buy a cheap flashlight it will have one but does it need to match the driver ? Otherwise I’m lost at finding them the one I have found says it’s for an ultra fire which threw me
So only thing I can see here is if I buy a zoom able flashlight with a li battery for £10 on Amazon at random that zooms like
And use it for the button case and the reflector put my chip and driver in and go ?

I would make a case myself I don’t mind so if I can locate the button end I’d be happy to buy reflector and make a cool walnut torch case on the lathe

Next on this website it shows this driver for the xhp 6v chips now are they better than a xpg chip, I know they prob don’t have as efficient red as the xpg but I will make a white light too so wondering if the xpg vs xhp is a better chip in white light ?
It’s more expensive and guess it won’t work on my red chip