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bike light

Looking for 18650 1-3 cell light to use for my bike.  Any ideas?



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get a $25 4 cell 18650 from amazon

almost all have cool light but so what

4 cell is most common, good battery life and brightness


bike light cheap

i don;t think 1 cell runs long enough for me

it;s a function of miles

an hour on high is almost too long for 4 cells


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Onroad or offroad?

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Fenix Bc30 v2

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I was about to suggest Fenix BC26R but I forgot that it’s using 21700.

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What is your budget?

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I’ve been using a 1000 lumen Wurkkos WK20 on my new ebike and I’ve decided that it’s just about perfect for me. Lovely warm 3000k tint, good hotspot with plenty of spill, and a sustained level of light that’s more than adequate to light up the trail. The head has more mass for heat dispersion than many other lights of its relative size. I’ve compared it to a Emisar D4V2, Sofirn SC31, and Klarus A1; for this purpose the Wurkkos beam profile is my favorite. My only dissatisfaction (at first) was that I can’t charge the Wurkkos while mounted on the bike, but then I realized that when the tailswitch is removed the 18650 pops out enough for me to grab it with my fingernails and get it out for charging without messing with the clamp mount.

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I like the Lemontop B01.

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