Looking for advice from the experts

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Looking for advice from the experts

Hello guy’s and gals,

I’ve been looking for a flashlight that fits my needs but I keep going in circles.
I have some specific demands and can’t seem to find anything just right for me.
Hope some of you experts can direct me too what I want Silly

Budget: 25-60€
Lumen: at least 1200 (SST40 would be great)

And this is where it gets hard:
I would prefer a flashlight with a zoom.
Also not too heavy or big. Needs to fit in my belt or pocket.
Rechargeable would be a great help too.
I’ve heard good things about Convoy and Sofirn, but the info about their products is often lacking (is there a zoom, rechargeble, weight, etc… often difficult to find) so I’m turning to you guy’s.

Hope y’all can help me out here.


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Welcome to BLF
Try change the title to something like "looking for a zoomable sst40 25-60€" in order to get more answers and save time for forum members 
Have a look on Convoy Z1, it seems like it meets most of your demands 

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It's a pleasure to know you, Hiro Nakamura!