Another AAA on DX

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Another AAA on DX  Looks to be the same , only branded differently and color . 


I like the silver better . so dropped the bundle on it ....  

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Hmmm nice. I wonder what the lumens are on  just AAA. Still be good I imagine.

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Is this better than the Tank007 TK-703? Seems larger.

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At least one of those lights is an XP-C, not an XP-E emitter, and apparently the description hasn't been updated though it was reported a long time ago.

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Looking at the measurements they seems to differ slightly.

kragmutt wrote:

They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.

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sku47701  mini review here

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They are not R-2 emitters .. they are xpc .. Liars or fools decide ..oh yeah they 've been told 1000 times and ..obviously don't want to correct it .. changing one letter is pretty tough ..

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