14500/Rcr123 light?

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14500/Rcr123 light?

I want to get a new light that takes both 14500 and RCR123 batteries.

I like the Romisen RC-A5 but there seems to be a problem with the head, It's glued, which I do not like.

I want to be able to take the light apart.


What should I buy?

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Takes AA/14500 - CR123A , very nice EDC light , check out Kaidomain.com and just put in AK-16 for the search function . 

I tried to upgrade mine to XP-G R5 , but it ran a bit hot [ FAIL ] , will try again when the XM is available ... 

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May be an option. Has a extension tube for use with a 14500.


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KaiDomain is down right now, but they sell a light called the AKOray AK-16 which is basically an AKOray K-106 with a fatter tube that can take AA or CR123A cells (or 14500's or 16340's). Here's a review:


And here's the link at KaiDomain, but KD's website has been down for a couple of days.


Hoping they will come back.

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i have seen the MCU-C7s with extension tube on multiple websites.


problem is its PRICEY on ebay.  its just the version manafont sells (19.99 without extension) with an extension tube

R5 LED, a great led for a tiny light.  I would suggest emailing Manafont and see if they would carry it with the extension


ive been told build quality is as excellent as the OLD MCU-C7s that was a q5!

the newer q5 version has been cheapened out!