Thrunite TN12 Pro Weapon Light

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Thrunite TN12 Pro Weapon Light

The Thrunite TN12 Pro Weapon Light is a new WML which allows you to mount the TN12 Pro on your rifle with the included hardware. The weapon light kit includes the TN12 Pro as well as the hardware necessary to mount the light onto the firearm. What's great is the light can be used as a standalone flashlight with the included regular tailcap or it can be a WML with the included screw on pressure switch and mounting hardware. The TN12 Pro features the Luminous SFT-40 emitter in cool white, which is rated for 1900 lumens in turbo mode. 


Given the domeless emitter is in a fairly deep smooth reflector, the beam profile has a very tight hotpot with usable spill, great for a rifle weapon light. The beam is a very clean, crisp white with no rings around the hotspot. The throw is great with this light as it is rated at 380 meters with an intensity of 36,000 candela. Included in the package is a high capacity 3400 mah 18650 battery, remote pressure switch, mounting bracket and hardware, regular tailcap, USB-C cable, pocket clip, lanyard, velcro holster and user manual.


The light has a spring at the head and a spring in the tail of the light. The remote pressure pad is large and easy to press. The pressure pad is screwed onto the tail of the light and also has a spring for the contact. As expected with Thrunite, the anodization is great with no rough or missing spots. The rail mounting system is similar to that found on the Thrunite TW10. A screw with a large thumb stud is used to screw the light onto the rail of a firearm. It is a simple and secure method of mounting. 


The light is rechargeable via the included USB-C cable. There are two switches on this light which allows it to be used for EDC or tactical purposes. The side switch is the classic Thrunite clicky e-switch with a built-in battery indicator. The second switch is a rubber rear tactical switch. It requires a solid push to activate, the rear switch feels great. During my initial testing while carrying everyday at work and home, the light did not turn on accidentally during normal use. The TN12 Pro updates with new knurling or reeding as found on Thrunites newer models as found on the Thrunite Catapult Mini. The knurling reminds me a lot of the style found on Fenix flashlights. This Thrunite is a great looking light!. The included pocket clip is not deep carry but is very solid and provides great retention.


The UI is very simple. When using the pressure switch, momentary turbo is accessed by either holding or quick clicking the pressure switch. The rear switch turns the light on turbo only. Momentary mode is also available with the rear switch. Whether the light is off or on, pushing the rear switch will initiate max output.  When selecting the side switch, a single press turns the light onto the last memorized mode. A long press from off is moonlight, a hold while on cycles through low, med, high, and a double click activates turbo. However, if you are in moonlight mode and hold another long press, it puts the light in lockout mode. You cannot proceed from moonlight and cycle into the regular modes. Mode spacing is pretty good here with the low mode rated at  50 lumens for 46 hours, medium at 220 lumens for 9 hours, and high at 550 lumens for 2.5 hours. Turbo mode mode claims 1900 lumens for 7 mins and then a step down to 477 lumens for an additional 130 mins.

The Thrunite TN12 Pro Weapon Light is a great budget tactical light with plenty of power and throw to back it up. 


Things I like:

  • 1900 lumens on Turbo, as well as low moonlight mode
  • 36,000 candela 
  • Ability to run WML or as standalone flashlight 


Things I don’t like:


  • Can’t cycle from moonlight to regular modes