battery drain measurement indicator light for Sofirn SP36, ArmyTek Wizard, and FC11

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battery drain measurement indicator light for Sofirn SP36, ArmyTek Wizard, and FC11

I measured the average current drain on a couple lights with indicators and compared to one that didn’t. The lights are Sofirn SP36 BLF, ArmyTek Wizard Pro XHP50, and the Wurkkos FC11.

My Sofirn SP36 BLF is the version with the orange indicator light running Anduril 2 with powerbank feature. It has four indicator settings via Anduril UI: off, dim, bright, and blinking. There’s a big difference in brightness between dim and bright settings, but also big current drain. Bright mode is 10x more current than blinking. Blinking is twice the current of dim.

The ArmyTek Wizard Pro headlamp is a few years old. I don’t know if it has other indicator modes other than the blinking mode that I’ve always had it at. It’s an efficient light. I think the blinks are too bright.

The Wurkkos FC11 has no indicator lights, so it’s my control. It doesn’t run Anduril, and doesn’t have USB power bank feature. It’s 1/3rd the drain of the SP36 which has power bank and the power of Anduril. Not sure if those two features are major drivers to the high current drain on the SP36.

Sofirn SP36 ArmyTek Wizard Wurkkos FC11
Off 136 uA 41 uA
Dim 186 uA
Blink 320 uA 34.9 uA
Bright 3060 uA

Here’s the screen shot of the current capture. I used a supply voltage of 3.74V for these measurements.

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The wizard blinks every 4 seconds. I’m very happy with the brightness and the frequency. I don’t think the FC11 was a good control choice as there were a few complaints of parasitic drain early on. I believe they were a whole lot higher than what you’re measuring though.

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