[Review] SPERAS E10 || Luminus SST-40, TIR, Dual switch || Output and Power Regulation Graph

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[Review] SPERAS E10 || Luminus SST-40, TIR, Dual switch || Output and Power Regulation Graph

The flashlight was sent to me by SPERAS for review.
Here's the product's link: SPERAS E10 

The SPERAS E10 comes in a nice cardboard box.

Here's a closer look at the light's specifications.

The following accessories are included:

  • SPERAS branded 18650 3100mAh cell
  • Adjustable wrist lanyard
  • USB Type-c charging cable
  • 2 x replacement o-rings
  • User manual

As with most SPERAS models, the E10 comes with a black, chalky anodization.
The fit and finish is great overall.

The body of the light contains heavy grooving to increase the grip.

The SPERAS E10 is e-switch operated.
The switch is placed in the middle portion of the head and is backlit to indicate the battery's state.

Opposite to the e-switch we find the charging interface of the flashlight.
A normal USB Type-C port is used for charging. The port is sealed via a rubber flap.


In the front of the light we can see a aggresively crenelated bezel to enhance the tactical style of the light.

The E10 makes use of a TIR lens along with a Luminus SST40 emitter.

The driver is glued into place.
A thick and stiff spring is used as the positive terminal.

The tail and body of the light is a single piece.
Looking down the body, we can see thick spring laying in the bottom of the tube.

The tail of the light is flat, which allows it to tail stand.

The head threads are cleanly cut and arrived adequately lubricated.
They're anodized, which means that the flashlight can get mechanically locked-out.

A detachable pocket clip is also part of the equipment that comes with the light.
The clip provides very firm retention.

User Interface

Here's all the actions supported by the flashlight's firmware.

Turn on/off: Single press.
Mode cycle: Long press (Low > Medium > High> Turbo > Low > ...).
Shortcut to Low: Long press while off.
Strobe: Double press.
SOS: Double press while on strobe.

Mode memory is present. Turbo will also stay in memory.
Low voltage warning and protection are also available.


Here's the output measurements using the included 18650 cell.

As we can see, the ES10 pushes more than 1300 at turn on.
Overall, the manufacturer's specification seem quite accurate.

Power Regulation

Here's a power regulation graph I've created using a bench power supply.
Please note that, especially for Turbo, the current we'd record using a regular 18650 cell would be lower due to the voltage drop under heavy current draw.

As we can see, the output of every mode is directly dependant on the input voltage.
Seeing a fully regulated driver would be a nice addition. 

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Thanks for the review.
Very appealing design, but may be difficult to mod.