Emisar D4K w/W2

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Emisar D4K w/W2

Would this light be considerably more or less floody with the W2 than the D4Sv2 with W2? Enough flood to be useful indoors? thanks

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Hi there, It would not really be "floody" in a tradiitonal sense. It will have less throw than the d4sv2, probably by a enough to be visually different (maybe 30% or so), but i wouldnt think it would be a favorable light to use indoors. The D4K optic (10622, 100621) will hve some artifacts around the beam with Osram W2, and potentially some rings around the hotspot into the spill. Just kindve unpleasant indoors. But, you could always add a diffuser for indoor use which would be the easiest/quickest way to have Osrams for both indoor and outdoor use in the same light. As long as your OK with the 5700k-6000k cct inside. Hope this doesnt confuse your decision more. LOL

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