High power EPR power bank?

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High power EPR power bank?

I’ve got a couple of the new Pinecil V2 soldering irons that can use 28V 5A USB-C EPR. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096×6SG13 I was wondering if there are any power banks out there yet that can output EPR yet. I’ve got a decent 140W wall wart and some 240W e-mark cables. But I haven’t found an EPR power bank yet. An EPR car charger would also work for me. I have a buck converter hooked to a Hart 40V lawn tool battery with a car charger socket on the end. I have a 100W car charger plugged into it now, but a 140W EPR would also work if they make one.

- Joe

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Anker 737 power bank can do EPR 28V 5A, but that’s it.