Noobie questions on MagCharger

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Noobie questions on MagCharger

I recently got a MagCharger from a relative, It had stopped working.


There´s no rush or absolute need to fix it since it has been covered by STL-V2 at the time but I think it would "be nice" to get it going.

After all, it´s a solid piece of equipment.


I digged up some data about Warranty, seems like I just send it, they fix it = presto!

So no more questions on that. Bulb seems OK, battery has power, I bet it´s the clicky.

EDIT: Checked the bulb with magnifying lens and yes, it´s burned out. A teeny tiny bit of filament is missing - impossible to see with bare eye. I´m amazed!




My point is:


Is there any relatively easy way to make a small surprise to that Old Clunker Wink

I mean, some LED-dropin that can live with MagChargers higher voltage or should I just get one WA 01111 -bulb to boost it up? Is it just plug-n-play?


One thing more, battery gave me about 2500mAh out from it fresh off the charger, should it be upgraded or replaced yet?



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