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A thought

Would it be a good idea for Mr. Admin to set a referral ID for each of the HK dealers reviewed?


The small amount of cash might help to keep this place running without costing anyone anything. I'd certainly be happy to add such an ID to my links.


Thoughts anyone?



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Perfect for me. No problems about that

This post/thread "may" contain referrals, a little contribution I "earn" in form of points ONLY if you buy the item. The purpose is to redeem items using the points and then making reviews of them in the forums to shar

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I'd be happy to do that. He doesn't seem interested in such things though. He even wanted to pay full price for a BLF light, though I'm sure they would have given him a free one for his trouble.

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Anything to help BLF is always a good thing.

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Hi guys,

Interesting idea, thanks for mentioning it! I guess I've never really given much consideration to the referral links, mainly because I always got the impression (probably from CPF) that there was a bit of a stigma associated with them. I don't have a problem with individual users using those links here on BLF. I suppose that I personally won't use them, just to keep my participation on BLF vendor-agnostic and to promote a level playing field for all the vendors here on BLF. Currently we don't have any advertisers apart from the random Adsense ads, but when the occasional company buys a banner ad spot for a month that always helps a lot with the bills.

Thanks a lot to everyone here who gives of their time and knowledge to make BLF a fun, relaxed place for new and long-time users. And thanks for wanting to help out BLF, I really appreciate your (in the collective spanish "ustedes" form) thoughtfulness!

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