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spam blocking

The new spam blocking system seems to work fairly well. There was another multiple spam poster tonight and he posted 10 or so threads I'd guess before he was stopped.

The problem is that if it takes 5 members to hit the spam button on one thread that may not happen for a while and this spammer (bot I suppose) was quick. Every post I got into had several views but not 5.

It seem like changing that number to two would be more effective. That way no one person can block someone and I'm not sure I see the logic in needing 5 members on the same post/thread when the spammer is generating many threads.

The spamming stopped so the current system does work. I just think the faster we stop them the more effective it is in discouraging them from coming here in the first place.

If the current system is 5 spam button hits by our members again one user rather than one thread then I suppose that is better. That doesn't seem to be the case as I marked him/her/it for spam more than 5 times I'm sure.

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