Budget 1xaa or 1xaaa in purple?

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Budget 1xaa or 1xaaa in purple?

Need a purple flashlight for my wife. My wife does not carry a flashlight and I am trying to change that and my five year old son has his heart set on getting Mom a purple flashlight. Don't want to break the bank on this. All I've found so far is an ITP A3 and the Fenix E01. I want as many options as possible. What other lights are out there that are available in purple? I kep finding blue, red, and gold colors, but have been unsuccesful on the purple front otherwise. If I can't find anything else, I may just get the ITP. Any cheaper options out there?

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There are some cheap and horrible purple flashlights in DX, I would go for the ITP



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She'll love the purple ITP A3 EOS, I guarantee it. 

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I sugest the no-nonsense-one-mode-AAA-clickie TANK007 TK-703, run with nimh.  It's not as red as the pictures show. It's not purple also, but a dark red, kind of a red wine red.