Review = 1.5mm Hex Driver

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Review = 1.5mm Hex Driver

Well , I found on of the hardest things to find , was a decent hex driver , unless you want to pay top dollar .. 

But being some what budget minded [ id rather buy a $30 flashlight , than a $300 flashlight ] it there for befalls that Im not going to shell out top dollar for a hex driver .

Riddle me this , a 450 heli kit can be had for $29 [ thats so cheap ] but you can easily pay more than that for a hex driver to assemble it . 

Anyhow , I've gone through a few disappointing hex drivers now , and this is one of them .. 

First of all the tip was undersized , this is bad because if the tip is not hard enough , it will round off , making it useless ..

Now having just said that , I've had to cut the tip back some two times , and re-harden it two times as well , each time trying to harden it a little more .  Now the problem is , with cheap steel , harden it too much and the tip will shatter [ brittle ] . so its a bit of a balancing act  , hard but not so hard as to blow apart under load . 

Well , I've had to cut it back to almost the very end , at least here its not undersized . 

Also hardened it about as much as I dare , I've tested it and so far so good . 

But a good hex driver its not , for the money , if you have the inclination to fix what's wrong with it ? 

But the bad news is , Im batting a thousand for bad hex drivers ..  

Bottom line pay $30 or more for a good one - if you can find a good one ..  

I have to rely on Ebay as there is nothing local , so spending top dollar for a tool that might be top something in price only - I find hard to do .


Pictured are the other hex drivers I got : 

Funny thing , 2mm and up there all ok , its just the smaller 1.5mm thats the pain ..

One on the left rounded almost right away , was ground hardened , and first use blew up like a hand grenade ..

Picture on right [not actual picture of my drivers as there not ball drivers / but same handle] , first set of drivers I got , kid of look impressive , but again the 1.5mm driver was undersized and rounded of after some use ..

Was cut back , and rounded of , cut back again as far as possible , heat treated , and so far seems to be ok . 

So if your looking to buy , hex drivers - dont buy any of these in 1.5mm  [ the larger ones seem to be ok 2mm+ ] 


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Thanks old!  I buy mostly craftsman tools because I like being able to return and exchange them when they break.  They're a bit on the expensive side but the lifetime warranty is well worth it imo.


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