AKU review ---- SKILHUNT C2 (T6) Great for EDC

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AKU review ---- SKILHUNT C2 (T6) Great for EDC

Hello Everyone,

Here is AKU from China. Nice to BLF!

Incredible! 180 minutes high brightness runtime! I decided to use it for my EDC.

From the below graph, we can see that is very good constant current circuit.

And super Sanyo 3000Mah 18650 battery.


C2 have some good features for EDC:

Small size and lightweight that easy carry. Amazing 3 hours runtime at high mode. 

Durable aluminium alloy body,, proper price. 

Compatible with CR123A x 2,16340 x 2,18650 x 1 batteries.

Rarely design of such a conservative brightness for XML. 

In the market there are many some level EDC lights claim to be 500lumens. 

Are you sure a "tragedy" runtime and scorching flashlight is what you want?







Indoor beamshot:




Flood light:




Indoor 6 Meters:




Outdoor 50 Meters:




Thanks for watching.

English is not my native language. If presented in the wrong way, please let me know. 

I would appreciate that. Thanks.

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Welcome to the BLF, and thanks for the review !


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Thanks for the review of a flashlight that hasn't been discussed much here!


Also, welcome to BLF! I hope you hang around and enjoy your time here. 

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Aloha and welcome to BLF aku1979!

Nice review too!


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Hi aku!

Feel free to review or discuss anything you want here. Enjoy yourself!

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Thankyou for the review! Those are some nice beamshots!  It gives a good depth of field to the capability of the flashlight. 

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Welcome to BLF, aku1979!

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Hi AKU. Welcome to BLF!

Nice review. Well done!

..and your English is ok. We don't have any problems with that. It's much better than my Chinese. Smile

(English is not my native language either. But I try to manage..)



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Welcome to BLF and thanks for the review.

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Thank you! Here is a really nice place with nice people!